What is a Photo Walk ??

To put it simple, it is just a day out with your camera. You meet a group of photographers, decide to confine yourselves to an area and shoot pictures.

  • You can meet people who are like minded, who can be a source of inspiration.You get into a chat on how a particular scene can be shot. You basically learn and enhance your skills.
  • I have read my camera manual 5-10 times, but I am still not sure of many camera settings and when to use it. A Photo Walk gives you ample opportunities to learn many different techniques.
  • There is no time constraint. You pick an area and just shoot within that area. So you can take your time, explore and try shooting a particular scene in many different ways.
  • Later you gather in a restaurant/bar and share, discuss and compare your pictures.

Every year Worldwide Photo walk is organized by Scott Kelby (NAPP). I participated last summer and chose New York central park group. It was extremely informative. I actually learnt many new shooting techniques. Here are some of the pictures I shot during the Photo Walk.