Black and White photography

Black and White photography is making a comeback in the world of Digital photography. They just stand out in the crowd, simply coz of their versatility. The popularity of digital cameras  in today’s world somewhat took us away from the B&W photos.

Below are some of my tips and tricks on when and how to shoot B & W images –

  • Shoot RAW

If your camera allows RAW shooting option, better shoot in RAW mode. It gives the power to manipulate the tonal ranges easily. For a good B&W photo, it is a must to have a good tonal range.

  • Shoot JPG **

If your camera cannot shoot RAW, then shoot JPG in color. Never shoot an image in the inbuilt  Black and white mode. You can convert  the image to B&W using software ranging from Picasa to Photoshop.

  • Noise reduction

Always try to shoot the image with ISO set as low as possible. In B&W images,  the noise is more visible. This can make your image unusable. You could always  reduce the noise later in post production but in my experience, controlling it while  shooting always results in a better image.

  •  Shoot in low light

How many of us where disappointed seeing our    photos which were taken at night or low light. B&W photography gives a wonderful opportunity to excel in such conditions. Concert photos or urban captures comes out with amazing depth in  B&W. Harsh lighting can be avoided easily when shooting in B&W.

  • Cloudy day or poor light

Ok, you are in the mood to stretch your legs, take your camera out for a walk…. and oops… It’s a gloomy, cloudy day. Instead of heading  back home, shoot B&W. Poor lighting can a boon to B&W. The contrast a cloudy day can provide can result in beautiful images.

  • Textures and contrast

I basically like to see little bit of textures or structure in my B&W. Also,  I bump up the contrast. This gives a punch to the images. B&W gives a portrait a special touch.

  • Street photography

My last and final tip, B&W photography is at its best, when it comes to Street photography. It gives a different perspective to your  photos. A simple, Pale scene can become dramatic. Of course, me being in a city like New York, cannot avoid Street Photography.

So, go ahead, take your camera and unleash  the power of Black and white photography. You will be amazed at your results. It has given me unexpected results and most of the images are something I will cherish forever.

Do share your thoughts and images…