Waterfire in Providence, Rhode Island

Whats Waterfire ??? I didnt know this term until I visited Providence last week. Waterfire is many braziers filled with blazing logs floating along the river/canal in the center of the city. Adding to this spectacle is the loud music and Gondola rides.

Performance artists/groups are set up along the river, in the streets and parks.This brings a complete festive atmosphere to the event. The restaurants are jam packed, reservations are made probably 2-3 days earlier. I couldn’t find a reservation in the Water Place restaurant until 9PM on the day of the event.


Waterfire is a non-profit event sponsored by private companies and volunteers. What I found most attractive event is the TD bank sponsored ballroom dance floor. Oh yea, with live band performance. The stage is electric, talented dancers and a complete fun package.

If you plan a trip to Providence, pls make sure its on the waterfire day. All the hotels gets booked very soon. Be sure to make reservations weeks before the event.

More information can be found in their website – Waterfire.org